ANKA Review is a weekly English-language newsletter delivered every Monday that covers Turkey’s major political developments over the previous seven days.

ANKA Review pieces together the issues based on their importance for Turkey’s agenda, prioritizing news not reported in English by other outlets.

In ANKA Deep, we focus on the main agenda of the week, presenting the views of different commentators from Turkey’s polarized media structure.

ANKA Review’s director is Duygu Güvenç and its proofreader is Kenan Behzat Sharpe, although the review naturally draws on the tireless work of the reporters from all of ANKA's bureaus.

In addition to news, ANKA Review also presents the views of columnists who are experts in wide-ranging fields like the economy, foreign policy, defense and culture.

ANKA Review is delivered to subscribers every Monday morning (Turkish time). Our subscribers include foreign journalists, diplomats, embassies, international organizations, NGO members, businesspeople, experts, academics and more.

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