Reborn as ANKA News Agency, we aim to bring you unbiased, objective, accurate, in-depth, factual, and timely news free of ideological prejudices, preoccupations, and obsessions.

Our aim is to foreground the voices of all suppressed and silenced groups, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, or ideology.

Our origins date back to the Ankara Agency, which was founded in the early 1950s. In 1972, Altan Oymen, a veteran journalist and mentor for many generations of newsmakers, renamed the agency ANKA. Then, after a period of hiatus, ANKA was reborn in 2019.

ANKA first proved to be an important independent, alternative news agency during Turkey’s 2019 municipal elections by providing accurate, on-the-ground information in the absence of other sources beyond the state-owned news agency.

Since then, we have proudly upheld our decades-old reputation as one of the most trusted news sources in the Turkish media sector.

This trend continued during the elections of May 14-28, 2023, as ANKA was one of the two agencies that broadcast election results to the public.

ANKA News Agency is owned by Güneşim Media. Its editor-in-chief is Göksel Bozkurt.

Today, we are delighted to present the works of Ankara’s veteran journalists, whose in-depth expertise on the subjects they cover – from foreign policy to economics and from domestic policy to the judiciary – had been sorely missed before ANKA’s rebirth.

Also, ANKA continues to be a school for young journalists, and their energy, devotion, and determination enrich us.

We’re also true to our motto, "Free and Impartial," as we attach particular importance to our independence.

In just four years, we’ve begun to syndicate news for national newspapers, and television channels, as well as more than 200 websites and prominent YouTube channels. Fox TV, Cumhuriyet, KRT, TELE 1, Halk TV, SZC TV, ARTI TV, Cem TV, Beyaz TV, Flash Haber, TV 100, Meltem TV, Beyaz TV, TV-5, Karar, BirGün, Milli Gazete, Sözcü, Yeniçağ, Yeni Asya, Yön Radyo, DW, T24, ODA TV, Gerçek Gündem, Gazete Duvar, Haberler, Timetürk, Medya Takip, En Son Haber, and Cüneyt Özdemir’s YouTube channel are all among our subscribers.

The number of ANKA reporters and freelancers around Turkey is also increasing day by day. Besides our teams in Ankara and Istanbul, ANKA employs freelancers from all over Turkey.

Today, we produce approximately 250 visual and written news pieces per day, including items on politics, education, culture, the economy, women's rights, the environment, the judiciary, foreign policy, gender equality, human rights, workers' rights, tourism, and more.

We also produce an English-language newsletter, ANKA Review, which provides a comprehensive look at Turkey’s significant political developments over the previous week.

ANKA also has more than 280,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter), where we promptly share our breaking news, analysis, and wrap-ups. Around 1 million people also visit our news site every day

Importantly, we are increasing our portfolio with engaged readers, not trolls. Accordingly, we do not accept or produce social media ads but count on the quality of our journalism to draw new readers.

Our aim is to offer examples of professional journalism at a time when the boundaries between information, misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda have blurred. All the while, we pay particular importance to the universal ethical codes of journalism. That’s why we became the first agency to publicize our values and editorial principles and we have a media ombudsman who oversees our activities to note whether or not we remain in line with good journalistic practices.

Aware of the challenges that good journalism faces, we think it’s essential to break the chains of Turkey’s monophonic media.

We believe the real strength of journalism comes from the truth, and we remain committed to serving the public interest as Turkey’s “Free and Impartial” news source.